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Hi-Pro Inc.
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Cordsets are manufactured in a range from 8-18 gauge, and if there is a specific application required; we can help with the design to build to your particular needs.  Whether the volume is large or small, we are interested in helping with your specific application. 

  • Business machine plugs can also be manufactured in straight, right angle or left angle configurations as desired.
  • Power supply cords and cordsets can be manufactured to your specific need or NEMA configuration.
Specialty Molded Items

These range from grommets and strain reliefs to locking connector systems that can vary in size, whatever the application; we can help you design the product.

Wiring Harnesses

  • From simple processed wire to complete harnesses that consist of may leads and connectors; we can build to meet your requirements.
  • Multiple conductor cables or single lead harnesses, we can help design and recommend materials that may be utilized to reduce cost and improve product quality.
  • We also assemble solder style connectors and assemble crimp and place connectors.

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